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Gardening can be quite a costly recreation, and yet many are still committed to it.


Because the value you get in the end is priceless. And nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to build your garden from scratch along with the help of easy to purchase items and tools.

However, while there is a wide array of choices when picking tools and supplies for gardening, there is one thing that you should be a little more particular about – fertilizers.

Chemical or synthetic fertilizers have been around for quite a few years now, and it does have its benefits. Aside from being cheaper, it is also easier to find in the market.

But even though chemical fertilizers have gotten to be so popular, there are a lot of drawbacks from using them that people started switching to organic ones.

Organic fertilizers may seem toofancy but are made from plant or animal waste.

Not too fancy now, is it?

Still, many gardeners, most especially the beginners, are either too afraid or unsure about the whole organic fertilizer concept. If you are sold on the idea but don’t know how to start, you can always get it professionally done. Some of the many skillful gardening services Maroubra like Amico offer garden fertilizing to ensure that your plants are safe and healthy.

But, if you’re still not convinced about how great organic fertilizers can be, here are five benefits that might change your mind.

  1. Safe And Easy

The basic components of an organic fertilizer consist of plant or animal waste. It’s either manure or compost material. And because it uses accessible material, it makes it easy for you to make one yourself.

Apart from being easy, it is also extremely safe not just for your plants, but for the environment as well. Unlike organic fertilizers, synthetic or chemical ones use a significant amount of fossil fuels when making them, which eventually ends up in streams and lakes.

  1. Better Soil Structure

The organic matter present in an organic fertilizer benefits the soil structure because it increases the ability of the soil to retain water and nutrients. Through constant use of organic fertilizers, the soil will be healthy. Thus your plants are healthy as well.

  1. Slow Yet Effective

Compared to fast-acting synthetic fertilizers, organic ones take more time to break down. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Because synthetic ones work faster, it also means that they tend to overfeed the plant.

However, with an organic fertilizer, you can be sure that your soil and plants are getting the nutrients they need at the right time. There’s less, if not none, chances of plant damage.

  1. Microbes Thrive

Microbes are essential to nurturing a plant and keeping the soil healthy. But synthetic fertilizers are often disruptive to microbes. Fortunately, because organic fertilizer is rich in organic matter, microbes thrive and sustain the health of the soil.

  1. Professional Services Available

If you don’t want to dabble at making your compost for your organic fertilizer or you are afraid you might purchase a bad one, you can also get a professional garden fertilizing service. Not only is it more convenient, but it also ensures that the process is thorough.

You can get garden fertilising services at Amico at an affordable price without sacrificing the results.

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Final Word

Not only are organic fertilizers more beneficial to your plants, but it will also be less stressful and eventually more cost-effective. Talk to your nearest garden supply shop now to get the best organic fertilizers, or make one yourself.

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