If only our bodily functions cease to bother us when winter sets in there wouldn’t be a need for port a potties rental in the cold. Sadly, even when it is cold and freezing outside, there is a need to use the bathrooms, and these portable toilets are usually the best option when you are in a hurry. Forget about the notion that porta potties are only for warm events like concerts in the summer, they are also perfectly useful for colder occasions like ice skating and snowboarding events.

To avoid some frozen mishaps, here are a few tips to remember when renting and using porta potties during the winter season:

Tip 1: Prevent Freezing

The cold weather can lead to the liquid inside the portable bathroom to freeze, but this only happens when maintenance is lacking. A professional port a potties rental company will ensure a technician adds a non-toxic chemical in the liquid to prevent it from freezing over, despite the drop in temperature.

It is also a must to continue with regular cleaning and servicing of the toilets throughout the day to avoid any freezing issues.

Tip #2: Location Will Make A Difference

Find the best location for the toilet. Areas that are easy to locate and access are usually the best to ensure the safety of all users. Avoid placing the porta potty under a tree where the snow can collapse around it, either trapping a user or preventing entry to the toilet. Make sure to salt the area surrounding the potty to minimize any slipping accidents while also preventing the ground from freezing.

Watch out for areas where a snow plow pass through as this will put the porta potty in danger of being hit or become inaccessible to users when it is covered with snow.

Tip #3: Choose The Sunny Side

A good tip when looking for the best location is to find a sunny spot within the event grounds. The sun will help keep the toilet warm to ensure it is functional and usable during the entire run of the winter event.

Tip #4: Block The Wind

Winter is also time for strong and high winds to arrive, this can put the porta potty in danger of tipping over. Shield the potties from wind by placing them against a wall, a sturdy fence, or the side of the building. The extra support will ensure that the toilets do not get knocked down by the wind at the most inconvenient of times.

Tip #5: Don’t Use The Port A Potty Alone

All users must find someone to accompany them when they plan to use a portable toilet, especially when it is in an isolated area. Having another person ensures that you do not get stuck inside the toilet in an unfortunate case of snow blocking the door, or worse, in case the porta potty tips over.

Stay warm and safe this winter season! Be sure the porta potty you are about to use is sanitary.
If you’re in need of port a potties rental, contact Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service today. We understand that if you need to go, you gotta go and we got you covered.

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