Taking care of the roof of your home is going to play an important role in preserving its value over time. It is important to get the roof of your home inspected at least once a year to make sure that there are no underlying causes that might lead to long term damages.

Ignoring roof repairs Hanover PA might cause a section of the roof to sustain damage that can be felt all over the house due to how some houses are built. Make sure that you ask these 7 important questions when you request a roof repair estimate.

  1. Can you provide me with your license and insurance?

Before you let a contractor work on your roof, it is important that you take care of the documentation first. Make sure that they have all the licenses required in your city and state. The insurance agreement should also be reviewed upon by a third-party to ensure fairness.

  1. Will you be able to provide me with a portfolio?

A detailed portfolio of the company that will provide you with roof repairs Hanover PA is going to be vital to determining the quality of work they’ll be able to provide you with. Make sure that you have enough photos and references to go with the portfolio.

  1. What are your basic rates?

Once you’ve established that the company that you’re going to hire is legitimate and reputable, ask the basic rates so you can compare it to the market. Don’t give a figure unless you are knowledgeable or have a reference of your own when it comes to roofing.

  1. Are you going to hire third-party contractors?

You need to establish whether or not the company that you’re negotiating with is the sole company that will provide you with roof repairs Hanover PA. There are companies that outsource some things such as the removal of old shingles and you have to make sure the companies they work with are reputable too.

  1. What will cause a change in the rates that you provide?

Any specific task that you will give a company that provides roof repairs can cause the rate that they provided you to change. It is your responsibility to clarify if these are happening and why they are happening. Make sure to get everything in writing.

  1. What warranties will I be left with after your work is finished?

Most companies that provide roof repairs will take care of the roofing materials. Different materials come with different warranties. If the company that’s going to provide you with roof repairs isn’t going to be the contact for these warranties, get ahold of the relevant details.

  1. How long will the roofing project take?

When getting a roof repair estimate, knowing how much time is going to be consumed will give you an idea as to how much you’re going to pay in the end. Of course, there may be delays but it is up to your negotiations with the company that will determine who shoulders the expenses due to delays.

For roof repairs Hanover PA, only trust the experts. WF Schmidt Construction Company has been in business since 1998. Contact us today and tell us how we might be of service to you.

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