Fires are still a big threat to a lot of properties out there. This is why a lot of fire alarm companies are still getting a lot of business. One of the most dangerous forms of modern fires is an electrical fire. This is mostly because they are hard to detect since they usually start inside the walls. However, there are ways to prevent electrical fires from happening. This is usually via knowing what causes them and stopping them at the source.

Here are seven common causes of electrical fires so that you can be aware of them and to ensure they don’t become a problem.

Faulty Wiring

One of the main reasons for electrical fires is faulty wiring. Exposed wiring is a problem because electricity heats up the wires. Normally, this is not a problem because the insulation ensures that the heat doesn’t cause combustible materials to go up in flames. However, frayed cords and the like can mean that electricity and heat is open to the environment.

Light Fixtures

Another potential cause of a fire is the light fixtures. Different bulbs have different wattage. If you plug the wrong wattage then the bulb wouldn’t be able to take the electricity passing through it. The result is an explosion and sparks flying. Those sparks can start a fire and soon everything is up in flames.

Overloaded Outlets

Another potential cause of fires is outlets that have been overloaded. When too many appliances draw from an outlet, this means that there’s a lot of electricity in a single location. This heats up the outlet and if it gets overloaded, a fire may soon start.

Extension Cords

Extension cords may seem fine but they are susceptible to damage as normal wires. Frayed cords on extension cords are potentially dangerous. Additionally, people can overload these extension cords. The same risks of heating up like an outlet can be found here. Be careful in their use and you should be fine.

Space Heaters

Space heaters generate a lot of heat already. Though they’re mostly safe if left in the open, some people put them too close to combustible substances. The heat can then spark them alight and starting the fire. All you need to remember is to keep space heaters out in the open air to heat the room in general.

Loose Connections

Another source of electrical fire is a short circuit. Loose wiring can easily cause sparks. Plus older wiring may not be able to handle the amount of electricity passing through the wires.

Improper Covering

Finally, electrical motors and junction boxes need to be protected from the elements. Either moisture, dust, and dirt can foul up their working and lead to sparks and overheating. You will want to protect these from being tampered with for maximum protection.

Maintain Your Vigilance

Electrical fires are a big threat, whether it is your home or business. Putting in the effort to install fire alarms and implementing some fire-prevention measures can go a long way to protect your property. A little know-how can help ensure that fire doesn’t destroy your property.

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